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Baking Vegan vs Traditional

FAQ: What is does vegan cake taste like?

Answer: Just the same as normal cake really – if not better – with slightly different ingredients.

Vegan cakes only really differ in ingredients; you generally just have to change the binding ingredient as eggs are not vegan. But this can differ from cake to cake, sponge cakes eggs can be replaced with dairy free milks or oils. But I have to say even with recipes found online and in books there was a lot of trial and error to get the recipe just right. There were many failed attempts resulting in sickening sweet buttercream or crumbly sponges, but after lots of cakes (lots of full bellies) and the tweaking of recipes I managed to piece together a solid sponge and buttercream recipe. So the difference in ingredients is slight with vegan cakes, although your main cake components are still there, flour, sugar and vanilla extract, the difference in flavour in my opinion is even better, it is possible I am biased but the reviews speak for themselves.

The beauty of the vegan cake option is that people can have the opportunity to enjoy cake without supporting any cruelty to animals which for me is great, I want people to know that there are vegan options (including cake) out there that can be enjoyed and hopefully preferred. I prefer baking vegan cakes more because of my own ethical choices, I want them to be tastier than any cakes I have made before which drives my passion. So back to the question of vegan vs traditional, although traditional cakes are yum, vegan cakes bring a challenge to the table trying to adapt the ingredients and make the taste even better. Even though the vegan sponge, rocky road and brownies have been mastered there are still many more traditional recipes that I look forward to conquering. But until then, drink tea, eat cake and always be kind.


Experimenting; Vegan Wedding Cake

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