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Cake Jars; Yay or Nay?

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Cake in a jar? Something weird yet creative about the whole idea, essentially layers of cake separated by buttercream with a buttercream swirl to finish. I was inspired to try this after seeing it at a cafe I visited, the idea of it is very aesthetically pleasing, there are options to make it more striking, adding colour to create bright buttercream and adding decoration to the top such as fudge, confetti, sweets or marsh mellows. You could even mix it up with fondant creations.

In this creation I decided to use vegan chocolate brownies colourful buttercream, topped with homemade vegan fudge, honey comb and vegan chocolate sauce. And as glorious (and it was) as it sounds there are definitely pros and cons to these fancy cake jars. These jars in particular are packages of chocolate deliciousness, there is a lot going on, a mixture of flavours and textures, you have the cake texture from the brownie, soft texture from the sugary buttercream, the crunch from the honey comb and the extra treat flavour from the fudge. However, there are also cons, this is a very sickly treat, very sweet, luckily I have a sweet tooth but you would need one to finish a cake jar – that or a big appetite. There is a lot of cake and buttercream in this creation and due to this I think its best saved for a special occasion rather than a mid-morning tea and cake – but don’t let that stop you if your love of cake is strong then a cake jar is definitely for you.

Cake jars are filled with possibilities though, what type of cake, what flavour cake, what colour and flavour of buttercream, and then decorations, even decorating cake jars in a theme for a special occasion. I intend to experiment more in the future especially with themed cake jars, but until my next cake venture, drink tea, eat cake and always be kind.


Cakes; fondant decorating

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