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Cakes; Fondant Decorating

One of my favourite things to do is use fondant to create different designs, it is almost like arts and crafts but on a cake and I love it. This process starts with a lot of research and maybe some tutorials, followed by fondant mixing with colour (this gets a little messy) followed by lots of hand washing. Then it is all about cutting shapes, stencils and design (the best part). ALWAYS easier than it looks though, they whip up shapes on these tutorials like it’s nobody’s business, but practice makes perfect. But after a few hours, intense focus and probably several mistakes a finished design would appear. My favourite part about the fondant is when everything is pieced together and I get to admire the finished product, it’s kind of like a finished piece of art work.

It is definitely the hardest part of cake making I have come across so far, but also the most rewarding, and also fondant icing is accidentally vegan which makes the whole thing even more rewarding. Its fiddley, but worth the time it takes, if you have ever attempted fondant designs then you know exactly what I am talking about, but it’s worth finishing the pursuit. I am excited to practice and take on new designs too. My most recent adventure was a fondant covered birthday cake, after plenty of Pinterest research and inspiration I decided on a path with flowers, I opted to make fondant flowers too rather than buttercream to get the full experience of a fondant cake.

The hardest part in this was covering the cake, after two stressful attempts I just about got it on with only one or two wear and tears that thank fully could be easily concealed under fondant shapes. I opted to make fondant roses, a path of pebbles, then used various sized flower stencils to cover the cake with flowers, then lastly added a hose pipe and a watering can. I actually planned to add more things but ran out of space, I planned a design that perhaps wasn’t to scale, something to work on next time. Overall I was pretty pleased with how this cake turned out, the watering can took a few attempts and could probably be improved still, but as I said before, practice will make perfect! Fondant is tricky, fiddly and has to be done rather quick as it sets hard but it’s still becoming my favourite part about cake baking, and I can’t wait for the next fondant adventure. But until then, drink tea, eat cake and always be kind.


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