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Co-Void, Cakes and Cancer

It’s been a little while since I have written in my cake blog, documenting my cake journey. Co-Void has still created an uncertainty in our lives, we don’t know what the future holds but I do know that we can’t stress about things we can’t control.

So I just wanted to update, as I have been admittedly slightly slower at replying and things have been a little crazy, my 94 year old grandma was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few weeks ago, it was a quick deterioration and due to the virus and not being able to visit her if she went into a home me and my family made the decision to take care of her ourselves in her home, providing 24 hour care with some visits from some fantastic carers. Most nights I would stay overnight helping her through the night and drive home first thing in the morning to make cake orders. And as stressful as it was, I will forever be grateful for the pandemic shut down of the country as it allowed me all of the time in the world to be there for her, and still keep making cakes which was my own equivalent of therapy.

Though the last couple of weeks have been crazy and intense I wouldn’t change it in the slightest. It is important to spend time with family especially when they need you the most, BUT it is equally important to do things for you too, to love yourself.

I have been so busy with cake orders and I am so grateful for all of the amazing support I have received from those of you ordering cakes, sharing and liking my posts – it honestly means the world to me. I am also grateful for the amazing support from my family and friends through this difficult time. And I am grateful for the amazing carers that supported my grandma until the end, I am happy I was able to surprise them with a cake box to say thank you as they were doing such an amazing job, we were close to breaking point before they came to help.

RIP to my amazing beautiful Grandma, she always supported me through everything and encouraged me to follow my dreams. I know she is still with me, watching me follow my passion and do what I love and creating wonderful and yummy vegan cakes.

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