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As promised in my last blog I have been very busy baking! So much has happened since my last check in. The Em Bakes and Cakes relaunch has been more successful than I could ever imagine!

I was convinced lock down would prevent the relaunch of my passion for baking but quite the opposite has seemed to happen! Em Bakes and Cakes has taken off and I am thrilled! Lockdown has been a hard time, not just for me, for everyone, we are all tackling this challenge as best we can and personally baking has kept me sane. I have been absolutely loving baking cake orders for the wonderful people that are ordering and supporting my little growing business. Due to lock down it has been door step deliveries, however, this has made my day even brighter – seeing someone’s face light up when they see their (sometimes surprise) cupcake delivery arrive. Making someone else smile at such a troublesome time does warm your heart.

There has been some challenges – obtaining ingredients has definitely been one! But also delivering has had its challenges too, delivering cakes was never really part of my original business plan and finding a good way to transport cakes has been interesting – especially on hot days when the car is a million degrees. But I have got there with everything in the end. I feel as though I have finally just about ironed out the kinks, but I do expect more tests to come my way, after all that is how a business grows.

I am so thankful to everyone that has been placing orders, sharing posts and even liking my posts. The start if this adventure has been so enjoyable. I love being able to share my baking love with everyone – specifically my love of baking vegan goods. I hope everyone can find positivity in this madness and make the most of every moment, oh and don't forget to drink tea, eat cake and always be kind.

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