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Experimenting; Vegan Wedding Cake

I had attempted celebration cakes before, but never beyond one tier, this was a challenge I had been planning for a while. My phone was filled with screen shots from Pinterest and cake pages I follow on Instagram and Facebook, different styles and designs. The most fashionable wedding cake is a naked wedding cake (no icing, the cake is smeared with buttercream but some of the sponge is visible). The other notable additions to these naked cakes are berries, artificial flowers and buttercream flowers. I chose berries for this particular venture but plan to attempt buttercream flowers on a future project. I started this experiment with tutorials of how to layer cakes, building a buttercream jam dam, positioning the cake to make sure it’s not too heavy and doesn’t sink. This was actually a big challenge, cakes are surprisingly heavy – something else I learnt whilst attempting this 3 tier cake. Building layers and spreading buttercream was the next task in the process, they make this look very easy on the Instagram videos, but it’s actually quite a challenge. Armed with a turn table, a bowl of buttercream, spatula and a buttercream smoother I went for it, an hour or two later I was pretty chuffed with the results, but definitely think it will need more work in the future. I let the buttercream harden before topping the cake with berry decorations, one tip when decorating with berries is to make sure you put them where you are going to keep them because otherwise you are left with a little red stain.

But everything is always a challenge when learning how to decorate cakes, it is always trial and error, but learning is the best part. Overall I did really enjoy making this cake, and I am already planning another one, practice makes perfect! I would love to be able to provide the option for people to have vegan wedding cakes on their special day, it will allow people to provide cakes at their events that are both enjoyable and cruelty free, but that may be away in the future yet, until next time, drink tea, eat cake and always be kind!


Tips; Buttercream Experiments

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